We Did Your Bag!

We make bags and empower women with our work.  At Bags With Legs women are appreciated for their talent and background , all their stories are heard and integrated in our socially conscious brand.
Its not just passion for senzational  design and products, its about the meaningful stories behind them. 

Now you know exactly who did your bag. We are Asilla and Annamaria,  the hands behind each bag at Bags With Legs. We have long time experience in creating things. We really do believe that creation comes first from the heart and the mind - the hands are there to manifest all beautiful things we create at Bags With Legs.

Changing perceptions stitch by stitch!

Project creator Annamaria is cosmopolite and polyglot, committed to create an outstanding social project at Bags With Legs. She is  originally  from the Hungarian minority in Transylvania and grew up in communist dictatorship in Romania. Her experience growing up in a tough environment with censorship and real life struggles, in a family where sewing, creating and making handmade clothes was part of life, adds to Bags With Legs, power and creativity. The revival of good old handmade things is an essential human added value to Bags With Legs, the endless creativity and making the very best from very little.Her professional background is in journalism, design and advertising. Deeply impressed by the situation of so many women with refugee background registered at AMS with working permit, looking for work and not being able to adapt to a new life situation, brought her the idea of founding a label, where women can be supported with work experience and job possibilities.  Bags With Legs celebrates sisterhood and creativity by producing and selling hand made bags in a socially conscious way.

Women we trained   


This a gallery of the wonderful women we had in our training program at Bags With Legs. We support women with migration background registered at AMS. In the period of 3 months they learn with us how to sew bags and gain working experience in designing and making bags. Now all of them know how to sew a bag, a pocket, cut patterns, work focused and get the feeling of producing handmade bags. All women have incredible life stories and unique expriences. We help them in their intergration path here in Vienna. If you are interrested in collaborating with us, get in contact. We are open minded and commited in creating a compassionate society, where we learn from eachother while celebrating our cultural background and our talents.

Seda Tisaeva

is originally from Chechnya, she finished already Fashion school here in Vienna so learning to sew bags with us was a natural step for her.

her kind heart and incredible beauty, her 

aesthetic sensibility

Mominah Aldawamni

is from Syria and she has plenty of experience in sewing and handwork in general. She loves to sew, she finds comfort in creating things with her hand.

Superpower :
her sewing skills, her patience and making dolls

Sumaya Shaker

is Kurdish and she is coming from Syria. She never experienced a working or training situation before here in Vienna, since she recently moved here.

her incredible motivation and willingness to learn

Asilla Wase

is coming from Masar a town in Afghanistan. She learned how to sew at a very young age. She has experience in hat making, it's called "pakol" a typical afghan hat.

multitasking talent and sharp intelligence
*Asilla was already already hired at bags With legs.

 Laura Kadiewa

from Chechnya, came to our Atelier already having solid sewing skills. In her 3 months Praktikum she learned how a small local label operates so she can also learn to open her own Atelier one day.

her strong energy and kindness.

Fahima Sadat

is from Afghanistan and she has good experience in sewing in general. She makes all the dresses for her sisters at home. Back home in Damaskus Fahima was a teacher.

Superpower :
her ability of never giving up and her intelligence.

Asal Huseini

has afghan origins but lieved most of her life with her familly in Iran. She has excellent sewing abilities. Asal is currently with us training at this moment.

Superpower :
her precision in work and her calm energy.