Lady Red

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The specialty of this bag is
of course RED!
But this red is a special one, so feminine and so sexy at the same time. Imagine now your RED lipstick and this bag on a grey Monday!
Buyyaa! Makes your day so powerful!
Comes with 2 options:
1.Front: all Red
2. Front: Red and Black UNIKAT
(we are using rests of black leather so all red and black design are unique and they are different according to what shapes and rests of the leather we use)
Non of these red and black bags are the same, so prepare to have a one of a kind bag! Let yourself be surprised!

Cross body bag
Fanny Pack/Bauchtasche

Product Information

This bag is hand made in our Atelier from leather.
It has an inner pocket as well that will help you to hide your smaller things.
It has an adjustable strap as well. 

Elegant and cool at the same time, this  Belle has a zipper and also has an inner pocket, for your handy or keyes.
Front side is RED, the back is  made of matt black leather.
Wear it as a tight crossbody bag, like a normal shoulder bag and as a bum bag around your waist.
With the slider  its easy to adjust the way you want to wear it.
The webbing is long enough to wear it as a  crossbody bag. 
It gives a secure feeling while it sits close to your body. So for travelling, keeping the  passport and money tight, is perfect. 

Size or Dimensions

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Size: 22 x25 cm
Webbing lenght: adjustable