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Cupcake has a creamy color, more beige, but also light brown. 
Imagine a fresh cup of yummy capuccino.
Thats it! This is our Cupcake, yummylicious:)

Not to mention that most of our bags are also made for man, Most man love our bags too.

Front of the bag is light brown/beige, a bit glossy but not shiny, the back part is black.

Hand made from leather, by us, in our Atelier in Vienna.

Product Information


Our crossbodybags  have a black inner pocket so you can hide your key or visit cards.
The length is easily adjustable by sliding the buckle up or down. 

It has a senzational size so you can fit a bigger purse, sunglasses, small umbrella, small waterbottle, your keys and your phone, Yes, all of this!😋 

Size or Dimensions

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Size :32 x20 cm
At the bottom its 6 cm wide, 
The strap is long enough so you can wear it over an oversize jacket as cross body. Webbing length is 116 cm and 4,8 wide. 

Special Instructions

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You can clean or mantain the durability of your bag, by cleaning it from time to time with coconut oil.