Black Vinyl

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A super light bag,  hand made from vinyl. Its vegan, so perfect for the non leather alternative.

Its soft and very comfy to wear. It has a looot of space, where you can but sooo many things. It even fits a cooking pot inside. Yeah, its true, check out the video on instagram, made by Niki.

This material reminds us of the 70's estetique, but we gave a twist to this deisgn, with the long key chain and the metallic rings.
This bag really rocks!

Product Information

This  awsome bag is made of black water-reppelent polyester. All elements of the bag are vegan.

It has 2 pockets and a long strap with 2 metallic rings hooked on the zipper.

The inner material is also killer, we used a soft animal material for the inside.

Size or Dimensions

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40 x 25 cm
the straps are adjustable 

Special Instructions

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Only wash in cold water.