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Handgemacht im Wien by women with migration background.

Retro Brown presented by Julia Schalek,

WKF World Championship Winner.

Light Bag for those Hard days.

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Real life models around the world.

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 We focus on  designs for all seasons with a breeze of fresh consciousness. 

We at Bags With Legs have different creative flow, we don't make collections according to the big market and we also dont overproduce things  just to have more, We take our time, we observe, we feel and we envision. So you can hold and wear a very special handmade bag  from us.  All our bags are  hand made, under  lots and lots of hours of work,
 focus and love!
 Universal stories woven in to European materials, by migrant women, because 
we all come from different places , but we all stand on common ground!

BWL on tour baby! 

We are often in Design Markets!!!  We always let you know here and on our social media where we will be next with mega cool bags. See you in Spring there!!! 

Brno 17-18. 03.2023 

 Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th March in the building of the Trznice Brno at the Zelny trh. As always, entry remains free and without barriers. The best shopping in the town!

FR 11.00 - 18.00
SA 10.00 - 17.00 

All bags at Bags With Legs are hand made in small series, or limited editions. We use and reuse all materials we have and we focus on #zerowaste. Our leather is called deadstock, so we buy leather that is leftover from the leather industry, we buy leather rests, considered waste. We put our love and our senzational skills and soulful design, to create cool practical urban bags. All thiswhile we support women with migrations background to find their place in the working market. We offer them training and work possibilities. So you see, buying one of our bags, you will hold a very special design in your hand.