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Be a Ninja!
We are living in strange times, where even if it feels like time stoped, things are still moving in a very fast way. Like our  Ninja Project for face masks.

masks, have a very glossy outer layer, you probably will be the most fashionable person in the Bus, prepare for it!
Hand wash in hot water, gently , no need to rub!

Product Information

As of April it is mandatory in Austria to wear a face-mask in super markets. So, we have a variety you can order from us. 
They will bring out the Ninja in you, and doesn’t make you look like a  creepy surgeon from a science fiction movie. 
You can fix them on your head with the black laces. We skipped the elastic strap around your ears, since they would make you look like a sad baby elephant.
If you order from us and you are in Vienna, we have "sofort liefrung" so basically you can get your mask the next day!
We love you all and we invite you to bring out the Ninja in you!

Size or Dimensions

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Size: 24 x 23 cm

Product Details

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Our masks have 2 layers! Outside material is polyester, the one close to your mouth is cotton. 
Washable in hot water!
We cut our masks a bit bigger so you can fold it on your face the way you want, plus the layers create more filter for you and also dos not sit tight on your mouth.