How deep is our LOVE?

We created a line of cool Masks and Bags that will make your heart go tick tick tick and boom boom boom. Ohh and they all come with a sisterhood vibe!
For every Bag you Order you get 1 Face Mask for Free and Free shipping in Austria!
Sexy deal, because you deserve it!

All our bags and masks are  hand made, under  lots and lots of hours of work,
 focus and love!
Universal stories woven in to European materials, by migrant women, because 
we all come from different places , but we all stand on common ground!
Mayassa is wearing our Silver Thunder Cover

pssss click on the video to see how to adjust the FFP Cover:)

* limited edition series are not always available to buy online, but don't cry for me Argentinaaaa, for sure you will find something special here.