Who did your bag

Asilla and Annamaria

Annamaria is the creator of Bags With Legs.

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+ Mission

Women we trained in sewing bags

We created  Bags With Legs to give women, with migration background a better chance for the labour market, so we embrace them , we train them and we empower them to use their skills to bloom. 

is originally from Chechnya, she finished already Fashion school here in Vienna so learning to sew bags with us was a natural step for her.

Her superpower is her kind heart

is from Syria and she has plenty of experience in sewing and handwork in general. She loves to sew, she finds comfort in creating things with her hand.

Her superpower is sewing skills, pacience and dolls. (Yes, she makes hand made dolls. One of a kind beautiful dolls.)

is Kurdish and she is coming from Syria. She never experienced a working or training situation before here in Vienna, since she recently moved here.

Her superpower is her incredible motivation .


Together we are stronger